Birlik Bağlantı Elemanları Ltd. has adopted the basic principles of environmental protection, respecting nature and sustainable production and it' s a company in the field of fastener production in Turkey. Birlik Bağlantı Ltd. which cares four environment and people' s health in its all projects and investment programs, has adopted as a policy the improvement of environment performance criterias and efficient environment management implementation in its all the actions.

As Birlik Bağlantı, our aim is applying a consistent approach in the production of fasteners and trying to prevent or prevent harmful effects to the environment.

The following environmental policy is valid for Birlik Bağlantı:

1. Protecting the environment is the main policy of our organization.

2. Throughout the life cycle of our products, we are committed to conserving natural resources and regaining the materials and complying with environmental laws and regulations that our company is convicted of. We develop and manufacture our products in a way that effects the environment in the least possible way. We inform our customers about how to use our products responsibly.

3. By using environmentally compatible manufacturing processes and materials, we would like to contribute to reducing environmental impacts such as energy consumption, emissions, wastewater and waste products.

4. We will continue to follow the development and implementation of the necessary technologies to minimize damage to the environment. The continuous development process in all areas of our company will enhance the harmony with the environment of our products, services and manufacturing. We will continue to incorporate our vendors and suppliers into this growing process for such environmental compliance. It is natural for us to comply with legal requirements.

5. Adaptation to the environment is a responsibility of the management. We support the creativity of our employees by informing, educating and encouraging them to enable our employees to act adequately and responsibly according to the environmental rules.

6. We contribute to the promotion of environmental awareness in society and we are seeking a constructive, open dialogue with the public on all environmental issues. We inform customers, suppliers and the media and we cooperate with authorities, associations and other organizations about the environmental protection.

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